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Bibliography of Urban Island Studies.

Urban island studies: Theoretical & review articles

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About the the bibliography.

This bibliography, developed by Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos alongside the Urban Island Studies journal, serves as a resource island city writers and researchers. The bibliography is a perpetual work in progress. Entries have been divided into categories, and some entries include hyperlinks to the publications. To recommend publications for the bibliography, e-mail your ideas to Please place ‘Bibliography of Urban Island Studies’ in the title line/subject of your e-mail. In order to be included, your references must be formatted in accordance with Urban Island Studiesstyle guidelines. Please include internet addresses for the publications where possible.

Urban island studies: Theoretical & review articles (Back to top)

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Island Studies: Key publications (Back to top)

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Case studies & research articles (Back to top)

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Scholarly monographs & edited collections (Back to top)

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Metaphorical uses of islands (Back to top)

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Works of fiction (Back to top)

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